Automated Forex Trading Signals via MT4 Trade Copier

Vavatrade is a monthly-subscription based Forex trading signal service that have been profitable for more than 2 years already.

Hi, my name is Rimantas Petrauskas and I'm glad that you have landed on my website. Let me introduce you to the trading system that I created a few years ago.

I call it Daily-F and you can copy its trading signals directly to your Metatrader 4 trading account. In the first 12 months Daily-F doubled my demo Forex account and then I decided to invest my own real money. Within 12 months my real money $5000 account was doubled as well.

Now fully compatible with the new MT4 Build 600. The new Vavatrade Client EA v1.8e works with old MT4 Build 509 as well with the new MT4 Build 600 and 604. You should update your Vavatrade Client EA even if you are still not using new MT4. This way, when new MT4 will be available at your broker you will already have latest Vavatrade running.

IMPORTANT: Lot size changes will take place as of next week, January 27, 2014.

There was an incident with an AUDUSD 0.2 trade in January 2014 and I have told that story in a blog post. Please take your time to read about a loss of -$1125.80 dollars that never happened.

No technical knowledge is required to start using my trading signal service. I will take care of everything for you at no extra cost, and I will host your Metatrader 4 platform (real money accounts with $5,000 balance and above) with the autotrade software, so you don't need to install anything. You only need to submit your MT4 account login credentials.

You can also use my software by yourself and its easy to install using the built in automatic-install wizard. You will receive the software and login details in your email inbox a few minutes after subscribing.

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Automated Forex Systems copied to your MT4 account

My trading system is not just another trading robot or magical manual trading system that you can buy online for a few dollars. I have real money accounts that are traded live with genuine proof of profitable trading. I never have and never will trust or rely on backtest results done by MT4 StrategyTester, and what you can see is 100% real money trading history.

By keeping this process very simple, VAVATRADE ensures that even novice traders can benefit from high profits! Well, I will be honest that you may not earn a huge income during your first few months, but the system has huge potential and can double any account in 12 months - it has done this twice already.

My profitable Forex trading accounts verified by


Detailed statement of Daily-F (master account) on

Detailed statement of Daily-F (real money client account) on

This account is no longer updated since 2014.05.21. I have closed it and transferred money to another broker. A new account will be opened for this. This was done because FTT no longer offers MT4 bridge for Dukascopy.

There was an incident with an AUDUSD 0.2 trade in January 2014 and I have told that story in a blog post. Please take your time to read about a loss of -$1125.80 dollars that never happened.

Account Balance recommended: 5000$
Trade lot size: 0.1 for every 5000$
Max open trades: 8-10
Stop Loss: variable up to 400 pips
Take Profit: 100 pips
Stop levels are set for every trade right after the trade is opened. No exception!
Works on every MT4 broker

€1.00 EUR for the first month,
then €100.00 EUR for each month.
Cancel anytime


... or if you are a returning customer, please use the button below to re-subscribe
€100.00 EUR for each month.
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To save 20% you can choose to pay quarterly
€240.00 EUR every 3 months.
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How the VAVATRADE service works?

Step 1

Subscribe to VAVATRADE using PayPal or credit card

Step 2

Receive your welcome email message in a few moments with your login info and software download links

Step 3

Submit your MT4 account login credentials or install the VAVATRADE software and run it by yourself on your MT4 platform 24/5

My Automated Forex Systems avoid any instances of human emotions and error. These two items are well documented as being the primary reasons why most Forex traders fail. My Automated Forex Trading Systems ALWAYS has Stop Loss and Take Profit levels set on every single trade, so all trades are secured! I never hedge trades or open additional trades of the same lot size or a bigger lot size if the market is against me.

All master accounts are directly supervised by professional traders 24 hours a day, five days a week to avoid any misunderstandings and unexpected situations, and all Expert Advisors that I use are tested, reliable and completely free of errors. I put 100 percent trust into my software and have never had an issue.

All EA's were created personally by me and tested for months before they are used in live trading, and they have been making money since 2011. I only trust the results gained during live trading. I do not sell my trading robots, so dont believe a company that offers you "The exact same Expert Advisor as used by VAVATRADE".

  • ALWAYS have Stop Loss and Take Profit levels set on every single trade
  • Never hedge trades (do not open market orders in the opposite direction to cover the loss)
  • Never open additional trades of the same lot size
  • Never open additional trades of a greater lot size
  • Avoid any instances of human emotions and error
  • All master accounts are directly supervised by professional traders 24 hours a day
  • All EA's on were created personally by me
  • All EA's on were tested for months before they were used in live trading
  • I have been gaining profits since 2011
  • I only trust the results gained during live trading
  • I never trust the results from StrategyTester or manual back-testing under any circumstances
  • I do not sell my trading robots

I've made the Automated Forex trading process so much easier. Each and every Forex trading signal is comprised of valuable Forex information on buying and selling orders or entry and exit signals. You receive the forex trading signals via the trade copier software for the MT4 platform, which you can easily install in just a few minutes. Once you install the software, you will also have direct access to the members-only area.

I guarantee that you will not have to make any decisions at all regarding anything involved with Forex trading if you choose my Forex trading software.

The VAVATRADE software is easy to use, reliable and is powered by EA CODER, a company which actually belongs to me as well. I use the best Remote Trade Copier for the Metatrader 4 platform to send trading signals.

With my forex trading signals, you will never have to:

  • Sit in front of your computer wasting hours upon hours analyzing all those nasty looking trade setups
  • Read the news and try to determine which connections to the market look good (I know this can drive anyone mad!)
  • Spend your hard earned money on other systems that are not benefiting you on the Forex market
  • Figure out when is the right time to buy or sell on the Forex market (I do that for you)
  • Figure out any stop and loss entry by yourself (again, I do it for you)
  • Worry about any of those annoying spam bots that will suck your money

Here are just a few benefits of my forex trading signals:

  • You can start earning money straight away
  • You never have to learn about different forex trading systems or forex trading methods
  • You dont have to learn complicated systems that might not even prove to be beneficial
  • The psychological element which can adversely affect your ability to trade on the Forex market is eliminated
  • You dont have to spend hours studying all the different intricacies associated with the Forex market in order to trade and make money

As long as you have a computer or VPS that is running on the internet 24/5, you can receive all of my automated forex trading signals and build up amazing trading results.

If you want to work from home, you can! If you want to check your trades while in the office, you can! You can even take out your smartphone and check trades while youre in line to pay for groceries! On the Forex market, you can literally make money from anywhere.

What if you dont know what a VPS is, you dont want to deal with software installation or you simply cant have your MT4 running 24/5?
At no extra cost I can host your Metatrader 4 platform (real money accounts with $5,000 balance and above) with the autotrade software so you don't have to install anything. Then you will only need to do the following:

  • Sign the agreement that you allow me to login into your MT4 account
  • Enter your MT4 account login/password/server details to the Remote Trade Copier control panel

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  • Q: What lot size should I use for recommended account size of $5,000?
  • A: You should use 0.1 lot size (mini lots) for each $5,000 account balance. Ex.: 0.4 lot size on $20,000 or 2.0 lot size on $100,000 account.

  • Q: My account leverage is 1:50, the master account is 1:100. Do I need to risk 2x times less to compensate for the leverage or does the trade copier adjust for this automatically?
  • A: Trade copier software does not take leverage into consideration. You should set the RiskServerRatio=0.5 to risk 2x times less because your account leverage is smaller. If you want to use fixed lot size, please use 0.1 lots for $10,000 account, 0.2 lots for $20,000 and so on.

  • Q: Can I follow your trading signals with only $500 account instead of $5,000?
  • A: Yes, you can, but only if your broker allows to use micro lots (0.01) and that is the maximum lot size you should use on a $500 account. However, please note that this will not earn you enough profit to cover monthly expenses even in the long run.

  • Q: Can I try your trading signals on a demo account first?
  • A: Yes. If later, after trial period, you'll decide to stay and follow my trading signals, you can easily switch to a live account.

  • Q: How much monthly gain will I earn following your auto signals?
  • A: Honestly, I do not guarantee that you will make any profit. There is no guarantee in any investment, especially in Forex. What I can tell is that my system makes around 5% profit per month on average at the end of the year. There will be losing months of course and I calculate average monthly income based on the whole year of trading.

  • Q: Will I get more than €100 EUR/month subscription payment?
  • A: Once you are subscribed to €100 EUR/month subscription plan, there is no way I can raise the price for existing customers. But I cannot gurantee that the price will not rise for new customers in the future.

  • Q: Can your system be used on a U.S. broker like FXDD? If yes, what is the min. account amount required?
  • A: Yes, my system can be used on a U.S. brokers. But since you are allowed to have only 1:50 leverage accounts you should have 2x bigger account size to follow my system. With 0.1 lot size I would recommend $10,000 USD minimum.

  • Q: Are the signals based on an EA?
  • A: Trading Signals are 100% based on an EA. My Automated Forex Systems avoid any instances of annoying emotions and human error.

  • Q: Do you have live human attendance?
  • A: All master accounts are directly supervised by professional traders 24 hours a day in case there will be something wrong with the software or server.

  • Q: Would it be OK to use my current broker?
  • A: Any Forex broker that offers the MT4 trading platform can be used with Vavatrade.

  • Q: Do you have live customer support and what are support hours?
  • A: I do not have live customer support, but I offer efficient email support which is operated by my skilled team and is usually responded to within 24-48 hours.

  • Q: Do you offer any "special" first subscription like a free week or reduced price on the first month?
  • A: Yes, I offer 30-day trial period for 1 EUR. Note that this is available only to new customers.

  • Q: Would it be possible to connect with you on Skype?
  • A: Unfortunately only email support is available at the moment.

  • Q: Will your software place the trades automatically on my MT4 account?
  • A: Yes, that is what Vavatrade software does.

  • Q: Once the software has placed a trade on my MT4, would it be possible for me to close it manually?
  • A: Yes, you are allowed to close trades manually.

  • Q: Could I also place my own manual trades over and above your trades?
  • A: Yes, that is allowed, although not recommended.

  • Q: Could I also change stop loss and/or take profit of the trades that came from you?
  • A: Technically it is possible to configure software to allow this, but it is not recommended and disabled by default. The software will keep the SL/TP values matching original trades all the time.

  • Q: Is there a setting in the copier EA inputs that allows me to open existing trades (market orders) that are already open on Daily-F master account?
  • A: It is not recommended to copy the trades that are already open as a market orders (especially if they are in loss), but if you still want to do it, please use IgnoreTradesBeforeTimeStamp and IgnorePriceDeviation settings. Please find them explained in the instruction manual.

  • Q: Would I still be able to download the software again anytime later, say if my computer crash?
  • A: You will always be able to re-download software anytime. There are no charges for re-download.

  • Q: In the instructions it says "Please attach EA only on ONE chart". What pair and time frame I should be attaching EA to exactly?
  • A: Best practice is to attach EA to EURUSD pair of any time frame. This does not mean that EA will trade only this pair, it will trade all pairs following master account. It is best to not change time frames of the chart where the EA is running, so please open a separate chart for Client EA only.

  • Q: If I ever need to shut my computer off, what happens to all these trades that are opened at the moment?
  • A: The trades will stay open and EA will continue to manage them when your computer (with MT4 + EA) will be back online. If you want to stop trading completely you need to remove EA from the chart and close all trades manually. Note that trades can hit stop loss or take profit level even when your computer is shut off. This is controlled by the broker.

  • Q: Do I need a VPS server to copy your trades?
  • A: You can have a VPS and host software there on your own, or I can do this for you free of charge (for real money accounts with $5,000 balance and above).

  • Q: I have left all EA settings as default, is that okay?
  • A: Default settings are OK, but I would recommend to set at least fixed lot size. It should be 0.1 lot size for each $5k of your account balance. So if you have lets say $15k account your lot size should be 0.3. If you want to risk less, set the lot size 0.1 for each $10k.

  • Q: Do you have more information about the strategy that Daily-F trading system employs?
  • A: Daily-F is a breakout strategy based on support and resistance levels.

  • Q: Should I worry about the economic news releases? Do you open trades prior to news?
  • A: You should not worry about the news or anything else. In most cases trades are placed as pending orders at midnight (London UK time). This is why Daily-F is called automated trading system.

  • Q: Is your system manual or does it use an Expert Advisor?
  • A: Daily-F system is EA-based and fully automated.

  • Q: What is your max number of concurrent open trades?
  • A: Max open trades can be 8-10, but this is very rare. On average there are 2-5 trades open.

  • Q: Do you keep trades open over the weekend?
  • A: Yes, trades are kept open over the weekend and sometimes even for a week, until they hit TP or SL.

  • Q: If I choose an option where you host my MT4 on your server, can I adjust my lot size to take only half of your risk on each trade?
  • A: Yes, the lot size can be adjusted in the web control panel (member area), in the "Global Client EA settings" and/or "Signal Providers" tab of the "Profile" page. You will find that explained in the instruction manual.

  • Q: I only want to risk no more than 2.5% on one single trade in my live account. Is it possible with your software?
  • A: Yes, uou should use Risk_Percent=2.5

  • Q: Do you always put in a stop loss when you place the orders?
  • A: Yes, i always set a stop loss on all trades.


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